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1500W, 2000W, 3000W,4000W, 6000W cutting samples for fiber l

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                                        1500W, 2000W, 3000W,4000W, 6000W cutting samples for fiber laser cutting machine

Nowadays, Fiber laser cutting machines are getting more and more popular in the sheet metal industry, especially to replace the traditional plasma cutting machine and CO2 laser  cutting machines, which greatly improve the cutting speed and also a perfect edge
Even now, high power laser cutting is  still a trend, which have a better cutting edge along with faster cutting speed, but the cost is still not acceptable for many customers, So we think low power is still the main engine in the market, which among them, we think 3000W, 6000W is the most popular power in the market.  
Now in the market, no matter what system you use, no matter what head you use, and the fiber laser source also, the most important items are that we need to care about the cutting edge from different thickness by different power
If the cutting edge is not acceptable, we need to adjust again and again until to have a good edge
But not all the customers can handle even the low power fully, sometimes this customer can not get a good edge, sometimes that customer  cut at a very slow speed even the thickness is acceptable   
It is not easy, normally we need test several times, because we need to combine all the factors as below, the cutting edge is a final results by considering the operator experiences and machines precisions also etc. 
So normally we need to consider the below items 
1)       Focus position
2)       Gas pressure and gas type
3)       Nozzle size and nozzle type
4)       Cutting speed
5)       Cutting power, for Cutting stainless steel, normally we use full power, but for cutting carbon steel, we can use 10-90% of full power to have a best edge
6)       Piercing time
Many customers complains to us that their laser cutting machine is not at the best cutting conditions, sometimes cutting edge why have so many burrs, and is it possible to have a higher speed? .............
So we need to test again and again, and we need to ask the manufactur to support 

This time I would like to list our cutting samples from 1500W to 6000W, only for reference
Some samples picture which we directly get from our customers

2000W Cutting samples, normally we use the head Raytools BM 111, which is used for 2000-3000W
2000W cutting capability is almost same as 1500W, but the difference that the cutting speed is a little faster than 1500W


From the above picture, we can clearly to see that the cutting edge for 20mm is much better,also shining edge for thin material 
Also for the stainless steel 10mm, which is also have a good edge
So also 3000W is already suitable for the 90% requirement in the market, because the sheet metal market, more than 70% are thin material

But also why we also need a higher power, some customers choose 4000W, or 6000W, definitely the main factor is that they need to cut a higher thickness, take example carbon steel 25mm or even higher also along with a higher cutting speed
                                       4-14mm   SS                                                                                 5-25mm CS
And then we would like to share our 6000W cutting samples, which we think that it is the most popular power for the medium power
Compared with 4000W, 6000W cutting capability is up to 25mm Carbon steel with a good edge

                                                                        6000W cutting video 

Remcor Technology, which have 18 years experiences in the laser industry, which have fiber laser cutting machines, fiber laser welding machine, fiber laser cleaning machines, auto panel bender, and pivatic type punching lines etc. 
We are not only to offer our machines, we are more glad to hear your feedback and create the values for your company to get a win-win situation



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