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High power Laser Cutting Machine advantages

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 Why We Choose High Power Laser Cutting Machine


       Nowadays, high power laser cutting machine is not that secret yet as before, and also so many customers are start to try high power laser cutting machines, but why we choose high power laser cutting machines?

       We need to admit that it really have a lot of advantages by high power laser cutting machines, As a obvious result, we can have a higher cutting speed to get a lower cost per each part, and also higher cutting capability and more beautiful edge if we use high power

  •                                            Higher Cutting Speed 



  • image.png

  • 1651460303281952.png

  •                                       Higher Cutting Capability 


  •                                Better edge performance  





       As we know that, low power is impossble to cut thick material with good edge, but if we use high power, the results are totally different, high power is not only have the capability to cut higher thickness, but also the final performance is much better than low power, it is very easy to have 30mm, 35mm,40mm  Carbon Steel shining edges, which before it is even can not image

  •                            Air Cutting peformance increased 



         As the above points, we already known that the advantages by high power, why we can get a faster cutting speed, actually if we can know  the why, it is very clear to understand that by using the following picture 


          So high power laser cutting machines are definitely a trend in future, but now in China, but not every supplier have the technical accumulations to handle the high power

          What is the main difficulties for high power laser cutting machines 

       1) High Temperature 

       Normally if we cut Stainless Steel, we use the full power to cut the Stainless Steel, if we use full power, the inside temperature actually is hugh high, once the high temperature is high, the focus will drift, if the laser head focus is not fixed, so definitely the cutting performance to the sheet is not good, we need to stop the machines until cool down

        High temperature, also have a very big harmful to the bed structure, if we use for a longer time, definitely the bed structure will deforms, the precision cannot make sure once bed deforms

          2) Heavy duty  

         As we know, higher power have a higher capability to high thickness, but it also takes another problem that heavy duty sheet will have a higher requiremnt for the bed, the bed load need to be strong

           3) High Speed 

         If all the data is higher than low power, we also need to make sure all the dynamic conditions need to be improved, we need to have a faster processing IPC and also a faster AC speed etc..

           So how to solve the above questions, please message us with thanks 

          Remcor, Which have 18 years experiences in the bed manufacturing, which have 5000 sets installations globally, the professional supplier to offer the OEM/ODM services for our customers, if more details, please help to message us

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