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Why we choose 3 Chucks tube laser cutting machines

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 3 chucks tube fiber laser cutting machines advantages and disadvantages
Nowadays, Fiber laser tube cutting machines are very common in the market, we choose it by the high speed, high precision, and higher flexibility etc. But also we know that there are so many kinds of tubes in the market
Material type: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum etc.
Thickness: 1-10mm, or even higher
Length: normally 6 meters, but sometimes also have 7M 8M, 9M, And even 12m
Size: Some tubes are very small, the round diameters only around 10mm, but some tubes are very big, even up to 350mm, and maybe more than that,
 Normally we calculate the diameters by its diagonal size
 Take example, the square pipe size is 1*1mm, So it is diameters we need to calculate like: 12+12=2, then Square 2= √2=1.414
So square tube diameter, the diameter is 1.414
And C type (Channel tube), and “L” are the same way to calculate the diameters
Type of the tubes: Round, Square, L, C(Channel), Triangle, Flat etc.
Finished length: Sometimes customer in-feed length is 8m, but the finished tube length is also 8m, so also need to consider this kind of option once we choose the pipe tube machines
Tail Material length:  This is a item that all the customers can not avoid, how to form the tail material, we can understand from the below picture
Weight of the length: it is the results by considering the length, thickness, material type, size, then we can calculate the weight, as we know, the chucks are pneumatic clamps, the loading capability is limited, the chucks can not work once the weight is more than the chuck capability
Above items are the basic items we need to know, because the type of the tube cutting machines, we need to consider the above the items
  Power: We need to consider the thickness of the material, type of the material, it is the same as plate cutting, higher power definitely a higher speed along with good surface
Length: We need to consider the tube length, if the tube length is only 6M, so our tube cutting machines at least to choose 6meters, and if our tube length is 8m, definitely 6m for the tube cutting machines are not enough, we need to choose 8m tube cutting machines
Chuck diameters: As the above items mentioned, if our tubes very small size, take example the maximum diameter is only 200mm, so our Chuck diameters at least to choose 200mm, but if the tube diameter are more than 300mm, so definitely 200mm are not enough, we need to choose a 300 or 320 or 350mm Chuck diameters
Chuck capability: Normally for the common type in the market is 6020, the loading capability is around 160kgs, but if the tube weight is even more than 160kgs, so definitely the machines can not rotate, definitely the machine can not work
Then the rest items are to the finished length and tailing material, here we need to understand the difference between 2 chucks and 3 chucks

2 Chucks
3 Chucks
It is very easy to understand that 2 chucks only 2 chucks, the left chucks and the middle chucks
But 3 chucks have 3 chucks, the left chucks and middle chucks and right chucks

So it is really necessary that to add one more chucks? Is it useful or not? We need to compare it one by one
1)      Tailing material –how to form, how to improve
How to form

As the picture shown above: the areas for left side of the head, the middle clamps and the  right clamps claw are the blind area, where the cutting head cannot cut, the red part we call tailing  material       .
the length of tailing material from different manufacturer is different just because the length by right  clamps difference, normally 160-200mm
2)      The solution to tailing  material by 2 chucks

A s      the  right  picture shown, normally the left  clamps will deliver the pipe  into the center chuck once  t h e  r i g h t  c l a m p s  o p e n ,  currently the laser head just  need to avoid collision to the  right  clamps  to  have  the  results  to  r e d u c e  w a s t e  material
 Advantages: The solution is simple and easy to complete.
The tailing material length can be reduced to 80mm by simplified revise
Only for small pipes, thin material pipes If heavy pipes, long pipes, the finish and  precision can not meet together
3) The solution to tailing material by 3 chucks
1. Nesting tailing material is more than 200mm

The machines will cut by the standard 2 chucks models, the third chuck will clamp as  the set
The tailing material is 200mm
2. Nesting tailing material less than 200mm, more than 80mm, and final product length more than 900mm
The middle chuck moves to the right side, the laser head cut once the right one clamps  The tailing material is 80mm

3 Nesting tailing material less than 80mm, the final product length more than 900mm

The middle chuck moves to right side, the left side clamps open, laser head cut the end places
The tailing material is 0-5mm
1, The tailing material length more than  200mm, 2 chuck model is available and make  sure the precision
2,The tailing material length less than 200mm,  more than 80mm, and the final product length  is more than 900mm, and can make sure
the precision
3,The tailing length is less than 80mm and the  final product length more than 900mm, and  make sure the '0' tailing cutting
1, Need the final pipe length more than  900mm to enable the third chuck, if less  than 900mm, the third chuck will be idle
2, Once to have the 0 tailing material  cutting, it maybe have precision lost  once to cut the diameters less than  100mm by its long distance from the  bottom part to the clamps
Why to choose 3 chucks by cutting heavy duty pipes
1.   The problems in heavy duty pipe cutting

Once to cut heavy duty pipes, the green parts as the above picture shown hanging too long, the self-  weight will have a big leveraging force which can not neutralize by the clamps. the hanging pipes will  lower down, and also slips from the clamps once feed forth and back to have a result of fault cutting
Also can not solve this kind of problems by floating support
After above points, so maybe we can very easy to know the advantages and disadvantages for the 3 chucks, we need to understand the customers need firstly
3 chucks are definitely a good choice but the cost is also definitely higher by adding an extra chucks


      Above is the basic details for the tubes, actually in real productions, it is more complicated by its different requirement
1)      If the tubes are not straight,  is it possible to cut and how can also make sure the precision?
2)      Normally the tubes have welding lines, is it possible to avoid the welding lines?
3)      Is it possible to make sure the inner surface clean once to cut the stainless steel which is used for the food industry?
4)      Bevel cutting in China is stable or not if to compare with BLM Italy
5)      Auto loader is suitable for all the tubes? And if heavy duty tubes, how to load the tubes and how to unload the tubes?
6)      4 chucks tube cutting machine are really necessary?
7)      More and more questions are there

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