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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine advantages

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                                              Handheld Laser Welding Systems

Easy to Learn & Operate • Simple & Fast to Set Up • Consistent High-Quality Results


       Handheld Laser Welding  Systems  is the use of high energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area . The energy of laser radiation is directed to the internal diffusion of the material through heat transfer, and the material is melted to form a specific molten pool

       Laser welding is a new type of welding method, which mainly aims at the welding of thin - welded materials and precision parts


       1) System Composition 



    2) Core parts list 



     3)  Welding speed(m/min), different material, different laser power 




       4)  Laser welding &  traditional ARC welding 

          Being one of the arc welding, argon welding use a continuous feeding wire burning between with the parts, along with the protection gas from the torch nozzle to have a completed welding

          Features: Large Heat Affected area, big welding point, low welding speed, easy to get deformation, and high requirement of the welding technology

          Laser Welding: Small Heat Affected area, Small Welding line, high welding gap cooling speed,  less metal performance change, Strong Welding line. Thickness Suggestion: 0.2-3mm, welding line requirement: ;less than 0.5mm


Traditional   welding

Handy laser   welding





Normal,   Cold Joint


Thin/Medium   sheet welding

Not   Suitable


Outlook,   post-processing

Rough, need   polish

Beautiful,   without polish

Welding   speed


2times than   arc welding

Operate   difficulty

Complicated,   need training

Easy(Except   Complicated)

Spare Parts

More gas   consumption/spare parts

Less gas   consumption/spare parts


Smoky,   harmful to health


Welding   quality



       5)  Cost comparation 


   6) Machine application upgradation

      1, Can be connected with robot 

      2, Suitable for industrial assembling and traditional machines



   7) Samples 


  8)  Handy welder with wire feeder 




      Wire feeder is used for welding some big gaps once the melted material is not enough fill the gaps, so we need to melt the wires 


       9) Consumable parts for Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Sytem 

  •        For fiber laser welding machines, the consumable parts include the different nozzles for different welding application, the below picture will show what kinds of nozzle we need to use 

  •        Protection lens are the necessary consumable parts we need to change, many many customers asked us how long for the protection lens can use, actually it depends on the head use 

            Normally 1 pcs of new lens can use for around 4-7 days, but only 2-3 once to weld Alunimum alloy material or with wire feeder use 


    10) What gas we use for handy laser welder 


            Argon or Helium   we can use for all the material 

            N2 can also be used once to weld Stainless Steel 



So finally, Handy laser welding is getting more and more popular by its perfect welding quality, faster welding speed and its conveniency etc. So once you need our handy laser welding system, we can offer our rich experiences to guide, OEM services are also available.Thanks for your time







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