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Vacuum Lifter

Electric Type Vacuum Lifting Equipment

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Vacuum lifter / Vacuum Suction Lifting Machine

This type of vacuum lifter device is a quite useful tool which is widely applied in loading and unloading for wood,glass,sheet metal ect material . And also widely used for laser cutting machine ,plasma cutting machine ,water-jet cutting machine , numerical control press etc.



 Professional Lifting solutions 

Customerized size and lifting solutions ,
we have a team of professional and excellent engineers with the spirit of craftsmanship and innovation , who modify and design according to customers' drawings and specifications .The pads quantity and size and vacuum pads position etc. Details according to your actual use .Sucker position can also be adjusted to meet size changes of different plates.





High standard Quality Components Details 

The suction device is made of cast aluminum with one time high pressure die casting molding by experienced workers ,which is light weight ,high strength..Adopting German Becker large flow vacuum pump with extremely large flow and strong suction ,which is safe and can use for a long time.The vacuum pads we adopt high strength wear resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber which with longer quality guarante period for 18 monthes .And detachable suction cup rubber design,easy to replace environmental friendly.






Special Designs Details for Ensure Safty 


1.Check valve and large capacity accumulator ,which can keep the workpiece in the sucker position for 5-30 minutes when in accidental power failure.

2.Vacuum leak alarm system ,which can ensure that the equipment works safely above the standard vacuum.

3.Special ball head design for our vacuum cups which can adsorb the material in uneven condition .

4.Extra capacity design.For each device ,we will consider with some extra capacity to make sure the safety to use.Normally we use pads with 2 sizes, one is Diameters 300mm, one is diameters 230mm,diameters 300mm can load 200kgs/pcs, and Diameters 230mm can load 100kgs, if the weight is 1000kgs, so we need at least 5 pcs of the Diamters of 300mm, normally we will use 6pcs.







Parameters and technical details of our vacuum lifting equipment1658563051073.jpg



Our Service System 

Professional service team offer the professional solution :we have a team of professional and excellent engineers. who modify and design according to customers' drawings and specifications .Continue to improve customer satisfaction with high quality service .For a long time we have been adhearing to the value of quality is the forever theme of enterprise and taking the best solutions for customers as the guiding principle, we have launched a series of total solution for industrial handling equipment and vacuum technology with unique competitive advantages.



About Remcortechnology 

Leading independent brand and strong user scale 18 years of development ,relying on excellent regional advantages and professional R&D team ,the independent brand has already gained a certain degree of popularity and reputation in the industry .And is constantly striding forward to the industry benchmark . Our products have considerable influence in europe , north america ,south america ,chile , brazil , australia ,korea , india ,south asia ,southeast asia and other regions.



How to Choose the most suitable lifter equipment ?

Firstly ,you can share us the mostly used material ,the size and thickness.The different material ,size and thickness can affect the final bearing capacity type , vacuum equipment size and also related parts.

Secondly ,you can share us if your company have the cantilever or similar device .you can also share us your factory pic ,then we design the most suitable one for you .

Thirdly ,you can share us the voltage and frequency of your place.

Based on these information ,we could design the most suitable device for you .




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