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3 Chucks laser pipe cutting machine

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Remcor technology is a global supplier for fiber laser cutting lines, which have around 18 years experiences, 5000 sets installations globally.Pipe Fiber laser cutting machine mainly been applied in metal pipes and tubes fabrications ,with the character of fast speed ,high precision or accuracy, environmental friendly , low power consumption, low table cost , and low maintenance cost .which is widely applied in fast cutting metal pipes of steel ,stainless steel , carbon steel, aluminum ,copper , galvanized steel, titanium alloy, gold, silver and other material. OEM ODM services are available .



Remcor Laser Three Chucks Pipe Laser Cutting Machine




1.Heavy Duty bed ,apply the fully plate welding bed ,with higher rigidity and durable use .

2.compared with two chuck clamping or traditional metal pipes cutter ,Three chucks equipment can realize the real zero tailing .processing details as the following description .

3.More flexible for pipe cutting processing especially for extra heavy duty pipes or tubes , less swing or shake .Perfect accuracy and precision .

4.Heavy duty type load longer tailing material avaliable .


Pneumatic Chucks, Stable Clamping

Applied with three chucks ,fully pneumatic control ,which can realize 0-tailing . The clamping strength of the chuck can be adjusted conveniently and quickly according to the thickness of the pipe wall. And the clamping position can be adjusted to the material which is 0-tailing cutting.The pneumatic claw clamp force is large and stable to ensure cutting precision and the heavy pipe clamping does not slip. One-button clamping and automatic centering make it 3 times faster than the electric chuck.Save the waiting time for loading and unloading. Helical gear transmission of strong rigidity, low noise and high transmission efficiency.


Pneumatic-Supported Auxiliary Bracket

Unique structure design to prevent tube sagging deformation and fluctuation while processing. Stable to use and resistant to vibration. which will improve working precision and prolong the service life of chuch and transmission structure.


Protective visual window

The working area is equipped with laser protective glass observation window, which is in line with the EU safety production standard to ensure the safety of equipment production and the operator. When the equipment is running, it can directly observe the working condition to monitor and solve problems in time.



Professional Tube Cutting System, Intelligent Control

Professional cutting software to process various types of pipe. The software supports automatic correction, channel cutting and angle separation.It can realize high precision cutting through the collection and processing of all kinds of real-time information to achieve higher efficiency.



Simple Operation, User-friendly

WIFI Remote Control,Handle Operation Control,Intelligent Warning System,Auto-lubrication System.High-speed Cutting Database



The metal tube laser cutting machine is an expert of metal tube cutting of various shapes, including round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, rounded rectangular tube, angle steel, channel steel and other tubes. There are four models of tube laser cutting machine. 6020/7025/9025/9034 each type is for cutting tube which diameter difference from 15mm to 230mm. The tube laser cutting machine, with stable structure, convenient maintenance, low operating cost, and complete service and support, is always a pop star in production list.



Parameter Details 




1) Pls share with us your material type and diameters and length and we would offer our the customerized suggestions.

2) We apply the fully pneumatic control chucks which with higher precision and longer lifetime .

3) Avaliable for long tailing material and heavy duty pipes 

4)The auto loading and unloading devices can be optional .


Laser Cutter Main Parts 




Remcor Laser Cutting Machines Configuration advantages



Top Brands laser source,high Electro-optic conversion



Strong bed: Craftsmanship, strong and durable


Bed:18 years, 5000 sets of machine tool manufacturing experience, the overall use of heavy machine tool welding structure to stress after annealing rough finishing, secondary aging treatment to eliminate stress, anti-deformation, more durable, after high temperature annealing and natural aging to eliminate welding stress, to ensure long-term use stability and no deformation, the fiber laser machine tool has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability, effectively ensuring the high speed of high-speed cutting, high precision and high stability of the whole machine operation.


Intelligent dual-drive, High efficiency


Servo motorAdopt gantry imported brand dual servo motor drive system, synchronous dual drive, effectively ensure the high speed, high precision and high stability of the whole machine operation


Optical system, precision


Laser cutting headUsing automatic focusing cutting head, high stability, good cutting quality,   fast perforation and cutting. Automatic tracking can automatically and accurately adjust the focus according to the material thickness to ensure the best cutting effect of the whole board; short perforation time, good perforation quality, high-speed cutting, saving time.


Imported parts, Durable


Transmission componentsthe core transmission components of the machine tool reducer, gear and rack set are imported brands, and the core components are selected from well-known brands to ensure that the long-term high-speed cutting accuracy of the equipment remains unchanged and durable.


Intelligent and convenient, one-key operation


Controlling system: Simple visual controlling system, intuitive adjustment of laser power, gas type and pressure; intelligent edge search, automatic positioning;Multi-type file import support, automatic generation, intelligent typesetting, flexible process, image display, simple operation. Laser sheet metal processing special processing system, easy to install, simple operation , Excellent performance, process solution complete plan, achieve stable and high-precision cutting, set a powerful data process Library, and bring users a simple, convenient and efficient intelligent experience.


 Wireless control 


Remote control: The button setting is simple and clear, one-key wireless control: calibration, blowing, simulation, cutting, pause and other functions can be realized; magnetic design, as you put it, easy to work


360 ° anti-collision

Anti-Collision:Automatic anti-collision function, the cutting head and the board surface keep a safe distance at any time, anti-collision stop function, protect the cutting head safety and worry-free


Tailing Material-How to form 




As the picture shown above: the areas for left side of the head, the middle clamps and the right clamps claw are the blind area, where the cutting head cannot cut, the red part we call tailing  material .The length of tailing material from different manufacturer is different just because the length by right clamps difference, normally 160-200mm


Our solution for zero tailing 

1. Nesting tailing material is more than 200mm


The machines will cut by the standard 2 chucks models, the third chuck will clamp as  the set

The tailing material is 200mm

2. Nesting tailing material less than 200mm, more than 80mm, and final product length more than  900mm
The middle chuck moves to the right side, the laser head cut once the right one clamps  The tailing material is 80mm

3.  Nesting tailing material less than 80mm, the final product length more than 900mm.


The middle chuck moves to right side, the left side clamps open, laser head cut the end  places

The tailing material is 0-5mm.

Why to choose 3 chucks by cutting heavy duty pipes 


The problems in heavy duty pipe cutting


Once to cut heavy duty pipes, the green parts as the above picture shown hanging too long, the self- weight will have a heavy levering force which can not neutralize by the clamps. the hanging pipes will  lower down, and also slips from the clamps once feed forth and back to have a result of fault cutting

Also can not solve this kind of problems even by floating support.

Advantages by Remcor 3 chucks metal tube cutter 


1.The tailing material length more than  200mm, 2 chuck model is available and make sure the precision

2.The tailing material length less than 200mm,  more than 80mm, and the final product length  is more than 900mm, and can make sure the precision

3.The tailing length is less than 80mm and the  final product length more than900mm, and  make sure the '0' tailing cutting


Samples and Vedios




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